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Welcome to the website of Aemers' Learning Management System. Here at Aemers, we took an initiative to popularize distance learning to teachers and students all around the world.

Available courses

CIE O’ Level English Language 1123

CIE O’ Level English Language 1123


Cambridge O’ Level is an internationally recognised qualification equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE and UK GCSE. Cambridge O’ Level provides learners with excellent preparation for academic progression to Cambridge Advanced as well as other progression routes



Expert tuition by a fully qualified teacher.

This course has been written for us by our tutor who has based the materials on the best practices available in teaching and learning. Included in your six months access to the online course are

Detailed, subject focused and effective online classes which provide students with:

  1. Online lecture classes
  2. Subject focused assessments
  3. Live feedback from the teacher
  4. Marked mocks
  5. Discussion forums
  6. Easy and instant access to the teacher
  7. Individual progress analysis and initiative by teacher
  8. Online learning tool help


Who can take Cambridge O Levels?

Cambridge O’ Levels are usually taught as a two-year course for students aged 14 to 16 years, although candidates may complete the course over a different timescale if they wish so. Furthermore, Cambridge does not set any specific age requirements.

Vocabs for IBA

Vocabs for IBA

This course prepares the learners with the essential foundation of vocabulary and their practical application. Students will be able to master words based on their category and origin (etymology). The course has numerous lessons and practice quizzes including conventional multiple-choice questions, flash cards and puzzles. 

SAT - Reading and Writing
Hasibuzzaman Tonmoy

SAT - Reading and Writing

A six-week-long course for the SAT Reading and Writing where we dive deep into everything you possibly need to prepare yourself for the SAT EBRW section. We look into how the sections are structured, what concepts are tested, what types of questions are asked, how the questions are scored and vice versa.